6 Tips to open a successful Coffee Shop

Coffee shop

A cup of coffee is not just a hot beverage consumed quickly, it is a cup of coffee – a perk me up cup of warmth that triggers the taste-buds with the smell and taste of coffee. A lot goes into a great cup of coffee and the same applies to a great coffee shop. Before setting up a coffee bar, understand how the coffee shop will be used. Most people head to a coffee shop to relax and unwind, mostly after a hard day’s work before heading home or maybe at lunch.


Create the right ambiance
Creating the right ambiance is critical to success,Keeping this in mind, aim for a decor that soothes. Relaxing colors help a person to unwind. These would be colors like blues, greens, lighter browns. Continue with the relaxed concept by opting for a relaxed layout, soothing music, and comfortable furniture. This does not mean that you go overboard. Keep things to a minimal when setting up a coffee shop but use creativity to stay with the theme. Invest more in the quality of products you offer on the menu.


Hire the right people.
Look for vendors who supply quality products and support. You will need the support, if you want to run a successful business. Some vendors also provide training for the staff. Take help when available. The right staff can make or break a business.


Get a good management software.
Leave the staff to do what they are hired for – making a perfect cup of coffee that is presented in a style that is unique to your coffee shop. Leave the management of data in the hands of a productively efficient management software. Invest in technology so that there are no hiccups as the business grows. Gold Microsoft Partner, UXC Eclipse is a global ERP & CRM software implementation partner delivering a choice of intelligent business solutions.


Location is important for the numbers to reach the coffee shop. A place that is hard to reach will loose out on the number of customers that can be reached. Look for a location that is close to a work area. The spend will be worth it.


Serve the perfect cup
Last but the most important. Serve the perfect cup of coffee. The coffee is the reason the customers are in the shop. Serve the perfect cup not occasionally but consistently every time. Buy the best espresso coffee machine, add the water purifier and demineralizer, use a conical grinder. Once the right equipment is in place, focus on the best coffee beans. The beans should be freshly roasted to get the aroma.

Technology behind good entertainment


We are creative beings, in the name of entertainment. From juice bars to cafes and hookah bars  we have plenty to choose from, when it comes to eating and drinking. The same goes for other forms of entertainment – bowling, gaming, rejuvenation – we have it all covered. However not all places are the same. Some do really well, some
enjoy mediocre success and some close as fast as they open. Marketing, concept etc are important but one of the main contributors to success is the technology behind the running of a place.

Most start really well, but with growth the requirements of customers are not met and mistakes happen. Some of these mistakes can be costly mistakes. Take the example of a newly set up cafe. The owner starts small, maybe with a manual register to take orders and supplies. Goes great when the first few customers walk in. Over time the bakery picks up pace, die hard customers increase and orders, especially delivery orders start to pour in. The over burdened guy at the cash counter cannot multi task – take delivery orders,  answer queries, handle customers eating in and so on. This is when it is time to move on to something that manages and handles the whole process with ease, leaving the human to do what he is best hired for – interacting, understanding and communicating.

Enter the web based bakery management system. Customers now have the option to place an order online. This gives the software manager enough time to send an alert to the baking unit, for additional work. Calls for cost etc reduce as menus and specials can be uploaded frequently, New additions can reach customer mailboxes and the cafe gets back to being what it started as initially, except now it can service a bigger market with more efficiency. The software is not just limited to an accounting software but has risen to the level of a managing software.

There are a number of managing software available for the retail sector. These are designed for today’s retail reality with modern, unified technology that reduces complexity – helping retailers become more dynamic and efficient. UXC Eclipse Microsoft Dynamics Partner is Microsoft’s preferred Microsoft Dynamics Retail Partners. Retailers can gain visibility across their operation, deliver with agility, exceed consumer expectations, and build real customer loyalty with a single unified 100% Microsoft platform.

Entertain the right way


Interacting, communicating and socializing are a part of what we are. We cannot live in isolation and company becomes an important part of our social life. Life becomes interesting when we spend a few moments with the right company in the right place. Socializing is entertaining. We entertain so that we can enjoy ourselves and hang out in amiable company and basically have a good time. Small groups are ways to manage, but when it comes to a larger gathering it is not so easy to handle the group dynamics. Here are some ways on how you can entertain and enjoy yourself at the same time:

Get a grip on the wallet
Entertaining does not have to result in a big spend. If you are entertaining at home, keep an eye out for discount coupons or deals on food. This helps cut on the budget  for the food and drinks. If you’re hosting a party at home and the gathering is not too large, keep it simple and only serve appetizers, like chips and dip, mozzarella sticks, fresh fruit, or a veggie tray. Most people fill up on appetizers and drinks anyway. End the evening with a dessert and coffee. Let the guests know in advance so that they know what to expect.

A number of dining places as well as clubs offer discounts to members. If you have this option use it. If you know someone who is a member ask them if you can avail the service on their name. The cost can make a huge difference for a larger gathering.

Book a function venue
The best option would be to book a venue. This takes the hassle of decor, food organization and serving, off your hands, giving you time and space to enjoy the evening. Look for a venue that offers relaxed entertainment. Check the food and the drinks selection. A number of venues offer a beautiful view, which adds to the beauty. Factory51 engagement party venue is a boutique venue in historical Teneriffe, just back from the Brisbane River. The restaurant, bar and cocktail party venue is located in the 100 year old London Woolstore Building.
Create the right mood
Lighting really sets the mood for a party. Depending on the guests keep lighting low or high. Make sure lighting is set at different heights and the brightness is varied. Avoid harsh lighting. Try creating a soft glow that makes people feel comfortable. Candles combined with dimmers really add to a relaxed ambiance. Light something scented for the bathroom, but stick to unscented candles in the living areas, so it doesn’t interfere with the food.

Make sure appetizers are in place and you are ready to receive guests before the allotted time. This gives you enough time to relax and enjoy the party instead of running about at the last minute.



Opening your own juice bar

Healthy bodies reap healthy minds. In a fast changing world the mantra to happiness seems to lie in healthy living. Healthy living includes not just healthy food but also healthy habits and healthy thinking. Habits and thinking are individual choices but healthy food available conveniently, is consumed with relish. Running a juice bar sounds like a lot of fun but there is a lot of work that goes into running a juice bar profitably.

Choose a location wisely. The success of a juice bar  depends on the location of a place. Having a juice bar near a gym, a school, or a commercial space make a difference, as it increases the probability of the number of expected customers.

A well functioning juice bar should strike a healthy balance between costs and profits. Do not cut down on quality to increase profits as it will result in a reduced customer base over time. Keeping food costs to 50 percent of expenses maintains a good balance. When placing costs keep overheads like rent and electricity in mind. Approximately 10 to 15 percent works well for rent and electricity and maybe 20 percent for labour.

Invest well in bar equipment. Try and get deals on second hand equipment in good condition. You can save a lot on machines this way. The basic machinery required would be mixers, blenders and refrigerators.

Take a call if you want to redesign or build the bar from scratch. This would include plumbing, electrical work, demolition and construction costs. Think of a concept and work the design and marketing around the concept. The decor should be in tune with the juicesa and smoothies listed.

See if you want to opt for a franchise instead of starting one from scratch.In this case you will do not need tp work on a design or a concept.

Learn more about bookkeeping. Hire someone who can manage accounts so that you are left with free time to run the bar.Get help in applying for a vendor’s license. Decide whether you want to start your juice bar from scratch, or purchase a franchise store. Get in touch with a legal firm to consul and help you with the legal formalities. Steinepreis Paganin  is a Perth based law firm that offers clients specialized and comprehensive advice on a range of corporate and commercial matters.
Work in the cost of signaage and a logo. A logo is a representation of your bar so do not compromise on this. Advertise through signage, in local magazines and newspapers. If there is a proximity to a health-club then make sure the advertisement is seen there. Try and capture the community spirit and the bar will go a long way.